Monday, September 4, 2023

A Green Blizzard


I call this awful weather that we are having a green blizzard because we might as well have a foot of snow outside because we aren't going anywhere in this heat. Almost 100 in September? Criminal. It's not like we don't have plenty to keep us busy inside. The Mister helped me get the new warp on yesterday.

I hope I didn't jinx us all by putting more summer colors on the loom. It took so long to get this one on that it slid into fall-or what should be fall. 

I know I keep saying this is the last of the fall soap and then there's always more but I have to use up the last bit of lye and there always seemed to be more in the container. You can't really keep it in this humidity so I just keep going until it's gone. This is Honey Butter. Lots of hard oils and butters. Buttermilk. Lightly scented. 

I finally used up the last of the lye yesterday on some more plain vegan oat milk soap with a sprinkle of vanilla powder. Thank goodness soap week(s) has come to an end for now. The Mister is getting tired of me banging around in the downstairs while he's trying to take his afternoon nap. It's the one downside of being on the lower level. I hate to tell him but he only gets a few weeks respite and then I'm going to make some winter soap. 


  1. Pretty colors on your loom. The heat is back here again too.

  2. Keep that info to yourself for now! lol The new soaps are so pretty and the new weaving will be gorgeous!

  3. Looks like you have some fun projects to keep you busy. We had some hot weather here, but for the last two days we've had some much needed rain. Can't wait to see the outcome of that weaving; the colors are so pretty.