Friday, September 1, 2023



I'm not angry but the bay was sure angry yesterday. 

It wasn't Idalia. Whatever it is was coming from the north. Look at those clouds. They were flying so fast overhead they made me dizzy.

The wind was so strong I couldn't really sit and knit outside the car. All the same, these socks are flying off the needles. Stripes do that for me. 

Honeycrisp isn't much of a looker but it smells nice. 

Since I was out of fall scents and still had some lye left I dipped into the winter scents. I mixed some cinnamon scent in with the brown batter and some apple into the gold batter and called it Apple Crisp.

I don't usually mix scents so I am curious as to how this one will turn out. 


  1. There was another hurricane out in the Atlantic churning things up (Franklin).

  2. I thought honeycrisp was a cake ! It looks heavenly!

  3. Those are some nasty looking clouds. Glad you are ok - we saw that family in Norfolk got a TON of rain. You are moving fast on those socks!

  4. The storms in the Atlantic are probably stirring up the sky for you! The soap looks beautiful--I got a whiff of it from here! lol

  5. Oh wow! The bay sure does look angry about something. The weather is so weird everywhere. The soap is looking good and you seem to be on a roll now with perfect loaves of soap.

  6. Those stripes look right at home with those colours in your bay!