Sunday, September 25, 2022

When It Rains....


Never was the saying "when it rains, it pours" as applicable to a stretch in time as it was last week. Every day brought a new problem or a new worry. To make it all worse,  I've had an awful tooth ache all week.

This is what it cost me to get it fixed which won't be until the 6th of October when I get a root canal. Until them I'm taking OTC pain relief round the clock with a cotton ball soaked in booze on the tooth for the pain. No fun there. 

On top of that... we played juggle the cats all week trying to get them to the vets for their mite check up and med refill. They won't give me anymore mite medicine until I get them all in and that's no easy task. We did a video visit last time but now they have to go in. Ugh. We had two appointments this week and could only catch one of them to bring it in and it was an epic battle. Sigh....cats and vets are a terrible combo. The one cat we did manage to get in the carrier and to the vets cost me $400 for the check up and the Revolution refill. Ouch.

AND....we finally did get the part for the AC-as soon as the weather got cool, of course. That little part was another $400. My bank account was screaming as loud as my tooth was all week since I had also just paid for my fancy new $1500 refrigerator the week before. For the first time since I retired 12 years ago I had to transfer money from savings to make ends meet. Sigh.

BUT none of these things were as important or more worrying than having a family member having emergency surgery and being in ICU all week. It's not my story to tell but thankfully, the issue seems resolved. An old colleague used to always say that when your kids are little they give you little problems and when your kids are big they give you big ones. So true. 



  1. Oh my goodness, what a week you've had. I've been there with the tooth thing and that is definitely no fun. I'll be praying that the pain is relieved and you can get it fixed soon.
    We're there with the $$ going out and nothing at all coming in until January. We chose to wait until 2023 to begin Social Security and so we've had no income at all since March when Hubby retired. It's been interesting to say the least. Thank goodness we paid cash for our house last year and have no house or car payments. Especially with the inflation that is hitting so badly right now.
    God will provide and take care of us. :-) No sense in worrying.

  2. Good golly. What a week, hope you get some relief before the 6th!…and best wishes to your hospital patient! Good luck with the cats too.
    Take it easy. xo, V

  3. That sounds like such a rough week... Sending you good vibes

  4. Well, that is a week that squeezed you from every angle!!! Hope it calms down for you!

  5. Hope your family member recovers completely. That is scary for sure. Hope next week is better!

  6. Oh I can taste that scotch already... it's my go-to when things go bad - probably just because it's Dave's favourite, so it's usually what we have in the house! Lol. But there is something about the dry burn of a good scotch that helps ease the sting of several hits to the wallet (and hopefully a tooth ache!)

  7. Wow! And I thought I'd had a bad week. I can't believe they are making you wait that long to fix your tooth. Hope the pain dulls soon.