Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Fluff


The only thing I've wanted to work on all week is my raggedy handspun Garter Squish. I discovered that I can knit on it and watch TV at the same time wearing only one pair of glasses. When I use tiny needles I have one pair on my nose to see the stitches and one pair on my eyes to see in the distance and it's not very comfortable. It's nice to be using big needles for a change. 

My spindles did see some action this week. Not a lot but some. I think the red is getting close to another wind off. 

The most fun I had with my fluff this week was to take some of that California Red I've been carding and to turn it into rolags after blending the colors. 

I'm going to be much happier spinning these pretty things than that clown barf I had been working with. 


  1. I love that squishy garter blanket. I printed the pattern off this morning and after I finish the set of embroidered tea towels I'm making for a Christmas gift, I will start the blanket. I ordered a 40 inch size 15 circular needle from Amazon that should be here early next week. I hope to make it for Dennis's mom since she's always cold.
    I really like the color of your rolags too. They're going to make some pretty yarn.

  2. Your Garter Squish is so very, very pretty.

  3. The rolags looks so sweet and pastel. Will they spin up that way?

  4. The homespun in garter looks beautiful! A bit of fiber fun is great for you! (get progressive glasses! lol)

  5. Fun blanket! How big is it going to be?