Monday, September 19, 2022

To Market, To Market....


Remember the time the Queen came to a college football game in your hometown? I don't but apparently she did. In 1957. I grew up right down the street from where she is sitting. I had no idea. 

She also went shopping at a local grocery store. That's her prince behind her. 

She had never seen a "supermarket" and was anxious to see one before so on her way to the White House for dinner she stopped in at the Giant Food near the mall I used to hang out at as a teen. 

 I had to piece the story together using Google after The Mister showed me a Facebook post that had an old article about it. I was only about that kid's age at the time but you'd think someone might have mentioned it before now. How cool. 


  1. Can you imagine the story that little boy has to tell about the time he me THE QUEEN! That is so cool.

    I think the most famous person to ever visit my hometown was Robert Kennedy.

  2. That's awesome. Apparently the royal family came to visit my home town, but long before I was born. I doubt they'd even know about the little town I'm in now.

    Dave's been watching funeral highlights all morning. It's funny how someone you've never even met can have such an impact on your life. It doesn't even seem real to me that she's gone.

  3. That was a great history glimpse; very cool and thanks for sharing!