Sunday, September 4, 2022

Hot Dogs


We don't have any big cookout plans for this holiday weekend but we did take Pup down to the marina to look at the boats coming and going yesterday. It was hot and so was she. Behind that bunch of sea grass there is a sprinkler system and it went off soaking Pup which made for a very happy dog. She sat there enjoying the cool mist for the longest time before continuing on our walk.

Back at home she was not the happiest of pups when she had to get a bath. Since she was a muddy mess and not knowing the source of the water in the sprinkler system, she had to get a good scrubbing much to her dismay. 

And.....Happy Labor Day to all you hard workers out there including us retired folk. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure I work harder now than I ever did when I had a job.



  1. LOL Isn't that the truth! The sun has just burst out from behind thick clouds and it promises to heat up in no time! Happy Pup!

  2. What a pup! It was disgustingly hot here too yesterday. I planned to spend it all doing yard work but it was just too gross. I managed to get some houseplants repotted, and the shed organized, but that was it for outside... I should have set a sprinkler up.

  3. It was really hot here too. It's just been a very hot and muggy summer. I'm glad Pup got to have her sprinkler time even if she had to have a bath afterwards.
    Boy, we've been working HARD this week too. We're mostly done with emptying and cleaning Mom's house. A few small painting projects are yet to be done and I have a few pieces of furniture on FB marketplace. We hope to get it on the market this week.

  4. Poor Pup! Hope you had a good Labor Day. I see you are reading Rosamunde Pilcher. Have you ever read The Shell Seekers? It's one of my all time favorite books.