Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


The body is done so I'm working my way up the sleeves on Advent Sweater Number 13.

I'm past the thumb gusset and nearing the top of the second Fright Club mitt. I see a monster weaving-in adventure in my future. 

AND.....I managed to get two size one socks out of one of those Stroll mini skeins. That tangle of yarn is all I had left. On the next pair I WILL be making the leg shorter. That game of yarn chicken was NOT fun. Whew.... biggest knitting adventure this week (that took up a ridiculous amount of time) was obsessing over this sweater. I saw someone wearing it on a YouTube video. It's Chestnut by Marie Wallin. The problem is that it's a cardi (not a fan) and it's knit flat in pieces-NOT in the round. Fair Isle purling is a cruel and unusual punishment for any knitter so I wracked my brain for days planning how to get around all these problems and went so far as to substitute all the $$$ British Breeds yarn into Palette and put it in my cart. BUT...I did NOT end up ordering it. I came to my senses but still......looking at it now...sigh. It's just so darn pretty. 


  1. Very true....It's good admire something. The socks look very cute! Good job!

  2. Love the socks for your Grand - so cute. I often “shop” by putting things in my online cart, but let them marinate there a while before deciding to click “buy.”

  3. Oh, that cardigan is darn pretty. But I agree - that would be a bear to work on flat. If you really want something like it...I would keep those colours in mind, and use them in a fair isle pattern that is done in the round.