Sunday, September 18, 2022

Taste of the Beach


Pup was living her best life yesterday.

The marina where she gets her usual walk was set up for a food festival and the place smelled heavenly. Everyone was grilling something yummy.

She got to share all kinds of meaty goodness from short ribs to salmon. For their final course, The Mister shared a bite of his crabcake burger. Yes, you heard that right. A burger topped with a crabcake. The two of them came home stuffed. 

While they were stuffing themselves with things I would never eat, I was grooving to a pretty good cover band from my little shady corner of the parking lot. They had us rocking to everything from The Rolling Stones to Micheal Jackson. It was the first time they've had the festival since Covid and it was a spaced out, toned down affair. It was still a great way to kill a Saturday afternoon. 

AND.....yes, Dee those jellyfish sting. Like the dickens. My mom had taught us as kids to pick them up from the top in order to not let the tentacles come in contact with you. We would run with them off into the sand and bury them which seems cruel now. As an adult I can appreciate their delicate beauty but as a kid they were the devil if you bumped into one out in the water. Mom's remedy was to rub hot sand on the sting but if you've seen that Friends episode you know there's a better one. We never tried that one.


  1. I've never tried "that" one either, but vinegar works pretty well. LOL I never thought about it being just the tentacles that sting. But touching the top ...........ewwwww. Kind of skeeves me out.

    The festival sounds delicious. Not sure about crab cake ON a hamburger, but surely I could take them apart and eat each piece. YUM!

  2. Sounds like a fun and tasty afternoon except for the jellyfish!

  3. I just adore pup's little smile! She looks like she was in heaven that day!

    The jellyfish are pretty cool... but when you told your story, all I could see was Marlin and Dory "taking on the jellies" in Finding Nemo! The tops don't sting!!!!

  4. What a lovely time at the Festival --how nice to have things starting back up! We use vinegar for all kinds of stings, cuts and scrapes that happen at the beach! Pup looks adorable!