Monday, September 5, 2022

Labor of Love


Those of you who have stuck with me through the 3 year kitchen remodel rarely hear me sing any praises but I have to say...I love, love, love my new fridge. Look at that. That's the freezer side and I can see everything. It makes life so much easier. The Mister and I live out of our freezer anymore. It's hard to buy or cook for just two.

I spent yesterday transferring the stuff from my old fridge to my new and I couldn't believe how many bottles of this and containers of that I had from recipes I tried once and never again. There was so much trash The Mister took a run to the dump when we were done.

While I am confessing my love for things I need to include my new dishwasher. Truthfully, I rarely use it for dishes. I use it for all kinds of cleaning including all the shelves and door compartments for the old fridge. I am getting them sparkling clean because my sister offered to take it off our hands for her garage. I'm glad it found a new home. I'm always sad when things go. I'm still not over the man hauling away my old door. As much as I love the new one, the old one felt like family. 


  1. I'm so glad to see things getting back to an orderly normal for both of you! I've never thought to clean those kinds of things in my dishwasher--great idea!

  2. Love it! And I understand the cooking for two pain. Especially when one of the two is constantly wanting "new and different" things (Dave) and the other is very picky, and not a fan of leftovers (me).

  3. I'm so glad that you love your new fridge so much and that your sister is taking your old one. I just cleaned the fridge out at Mom's on Saturday. I know what you mean about a lot of barely opened things. She had seven (7), packages of sliced cheddar cheese!!!! She hasn't been able to clean much and that thing was so dirty. Same with the big freezer in the garage.
    I'm so happy for you that you're finally seeing the end of the remodeling in the headlights!