Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Confession time. I wasn't really "here" last week. I was at Daughter's wrangling one of the baby Grands while she was at work and SIL was on an unexpected business trip to Florida. I thought I might not have time to keep the blog going so I blogged ahead. I was right. Other than my tribute to the Queen and my new Grand announcement I had written all the other posts in advance. Running up and down the stairs for four days with a 9 month old all day was a tremendous amount of work. I came home on Friday exhausted and physically broken. My back and hip were killing me. I spent the weekend on the couch but before I left home last Tuesday I put the corner on the Village Quaker. 

I also had made grime guards for the fall projects using my fall batik scraps. The top one is the new Fall Patchwork from Jardin Prive. I had to start it 3 times because I kept picking it up the wrong way and getting the all stitches going in different directions with that center motif. After ripping it out one too many times I finally figured out I needed to mark the top. I had packed up the raccoon and taken it with me but only got a few stitches in while baby was napping. 

I also had packed my little hand stitching work. I got one Dear Jane finished and one hexie completed.  There really wasn't time to do much. Babies are hard work and Daughter works long hours coaching at the ice rink leaving at 5 am and not getting home until after 9. I don't know how she does it. 

It was a very long and hard week but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.


  1. Cute babies make it all worthwhile.

  2. Can't believe that Grand is 9 months already!! Your stitching is lovely.

  3. Yikes she has long hours! And how is Grand already nine months old???? Im loving your little raccoon.

  4. Baby cuddles and kisses make the exhaustion tolerable!

  5. Lovely stitching as always but that little grand is the sweetest. They are exhausting but oh, so worth it.

  6. That is the best part of being a grandparent--helping out and then dropping when you get home! lol He's a beauty!