Monday, September 26, 2022

Little Feet


As I mentioned yesterday I'm not in the mood to do much of anything thanks to my aching tooth but before all the stuff hit the fan around here I had ordered this set of mini skeins after Daughter had asked for some new socks for the toddler Grand. After digging through my stash, I couldn't bring myself to use a small part of a full ball of sock yarn. 

I knew they were only twenty ounce skeins when I bought them and thought that might be enough but after I wound them up they looked so small. I doubt I could get two socks out of them.

I had my suspicions confirmed when I weighed a stray baby sock in a newborn size that I had knit ages ago. 10 ounces. I need a one year old size. Since I'm not one for joins in socks (because I have no faith whatsoever in my weaving in abilities), I've got a problem to solve. 

I suppose the easiest thing would be to order another pack of mini skeins for those second socks. I'll just have to ignore that screaming from my wallet. 


  1. Oh dear! I did not know that KnitPicks had mini stroll bundles. They would be nice for heels & toes of adult socks!

  2. You could always use a regular size ball.. and then make ankle socks for an adult out of what's left!

  3. Pretty yarn. Knitting a slightly shorter leg might help you get two socks out of each mini skein.

  4. Oh, that's tragic! I think I'd either order the 2nd set or get practicing on weaving in ends. :)