Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


Thanks to all the laying in state and funeral watching I've got two FOs to show off today. I've never been so glad to get socks off the needles. They were a real slog at the end. I think I need a sock break for a while. 

Fright Club Mitt and Advent Sweater Number 13 are growing-slowly. If I can force myself to get one row on each a night I consider myself lucky. The no AC thing is wearing me down. We have the windows open at night and the sounds from the woods are horrifying. What the heck is going on out there?

Garter Squish is going to a dark place color-wise and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm not planning the colors, I'm just letting whatever rolls out of the two balls happen. I've got to learn to take a deep breath and just let it do its thing-something I've never been good at. 


  1. I think the pop of dark is pretty.

    I know night noise ......we had a fox that screamed like a woman being attacked, the katydids/crickets (whatever the hell they are) can be deafening. We have an owl, but I like hearing it. LOL

  2. I really like your garter squish - beautiful. Congrats on getting the socks done...I'm working on sock #2 and wondering if I will finish it before vacation....

  3. The fox noise is the worst! I'm sorry the AC repair is taking so long!!! The socks look great!

  4. The darker yarn is pretty and looks great with the other colors. Once I finish my current sock (it’s also been a slog),I’m going to take a sock break.

  5. I remember the fox noise in London. It's terrifying when they scream. Alex & T. had 2 adults and 3 kits in their backyard when we visited in April. It was crazy. We have crickets chirping so loud that they're in my brain as I fall asleep and then I dream about it.