Monday, September 12, 2022



My DIY framing kit has arrived. 

It's for the Needles and Pins sampler. I paid a lot of money for it and I'm a bit intimidated. I'm not very good at this sort of thing.

I'm working up to it slowly by faux framing some of my ancient projects with that foam core I bought.

This is an oldie but goody that for some reason I used masking tape on the edges. It was a good thing I had plenty of fabric because that tape was not coming off. I had to cut it off.

With the help of some string and a thumbtack it found a home over my collection of project bags in the sewing room. It hadn't seen the light of day in ten years or more. 

The sheep sampler is faux framed but is still looking for a place to be. 

I also gave Sheep Virtues a good steaming and a tighter stretching. The double faced tape did a good job of smoothing out any wrinkles. It works like those sticky sheets they sell for needlework. You can move the piece around until you get it just right.

It took some doing to get it centered but it was worth it. It looks so much better now. It did have a place to be and it looks so good there that one day I just might have to get a real frame for it. All I'd have to do is pop it in. The hard work has been done. 


  1. They all look great! I need to pop the back off the frame I bought the other week and see about framing the BIG piece for Colin!

  2. Nice job! I know that it isn't easy to get the pieces centered just right! These look beautiful!

  3. They are look great. I think you are ready to do the baby sampler.

  4. Great job of mounting the samplers. Some of my older pieces have tape on the edges as well - nasty stuff!

  5. I really like the pieces stretched but not framed. I use the foam board to display some of my mini-quilts. I just cut the board to the correct size and use a couple of command strips to attach the quilt. They are so easy to store stacked on a shelf and I just change out whenever I want something different. They work so well on shelves, window ledges, tables, etc. Love all you needlework projects but Rainbow Kitty is special!

  6. They all look fantastic! I'm sure you can manage the fancier framing!

  7. How nice every one of them look. I know from experience how difficult it is to get them stretched correctly. They are all so neatly stitched too. You put me to shame.