Thursday, September 29, 2022

Almost Sweater Weather


Thanks to my aching tooth the household has been up early this week. I have to get up for some pain meds at 6 so Pup is ready to roll out the door before the sun comes up. It's been chilly so I've been working my way through my sweater bin giving each a wash and a bit of a blocking. The hats are going next.

As soon as we had the first day that wasn't in the 80's I started washing and blocking my scarves. Now they are ready and in a sneeze proof bag. There's nothing worse than a dusty scarf around your neck.  

It's nice to be down by the water early in the morning especially since the tourists have mostly gone home.

Even during a low tide the water looked clear again after only a few days of cooler weather. In the summer it's a murky, stinky mess. 

And I'm not the only one glad that the crowds are all gone. The wildlife seemed relieved to have the place all to themselves as well. 

But....what I did the most of yesterday was watch The Weather Channel. Yikes ya'll. That's going to be one big mess to clean up. Stay safe Florida friends.


  1. you have a great collection of knits. It's been downright chilly this last week. I'm hoping we get some decent weather this weekend so I can get some bulbs in the ground.

  2. I look forward to Fall as well - most tourists are gone by Labor Day and the roads are no longer clogged with RVs and huge motor homes. I’m happy to share Wyoming’s beauty with visitors in the Summer, but the rest of the year the state and highways are more relaxed which I prefer.

  3. After the winds and rains and debris--it dropped down to 63* and it was a shock to the skin! lol
    So nice to see your woolens out and washed-Fall is here!

  4. It's pretty chilly here too but we're still sleeping with all the windows wide open and the ceiling fan on even though it was 44F last night!
    I Love Fall! We're going camping next week, (and telling Mom we're further away than we actually are so we won't be expected to be there several times each day.) We'll only be gone 2 or 3 nights but we have got to get away for just a few days. I'm exhausted. It's so hard and I know you understand.

  5. Such pretty sweaters and I love that top scarf! I need to dig out my fall/winter stuff and I'm dreading it. We have our stuff in multiple storage units and I can't remember which one I put the winter clothes in. Yikes!