Thursday, September 15, 2022

If You Can't Beat'em.....



Since this showed up right outside my bedroom window just after 7 yesterday morning The Mister and I decided we might as well make some noise of our own. We got out the sander and both the vacuum and the shop vac and prepped the foyer stairs for painting while the trees crashed down around us. The saws were bad enough but that grinder going all day....ugh.

The AC guy did manage to find his way to the house through all the drama but the part he needs to fix the outside unit had to be ordered. Luckily, it was a fairly decent weather day for having the windows open...minus all the racket. 

In spite of it all I managed to get some Disappearing Nine Patch squares made and squared up. 

Daughter had asked for a small nautical themed quilt to put in her baby Grand's traveling backpack which is nautical themed. Missouri Star had just what I needed in a nice stack of 10 inch squares. I'm going to have a lot leftover so I'm seeing some nautical placemats in my future for next summer. I'm getting a lot of use out of the ones I recently made. 



  1. That grinder noise is just the WORST! UGH!

    They have been fixing the road across from our house and the constant beeping of the roller backing up is about to drive me INSANE!

    On a nicer thought, the nautical fabric sure is pretty.

  2. Good for you! The job done will be a relief and I'm glad you aren't roasting unbearably! I love the new fabric!

  3. Some trees were taken down on the street behind us the other week and the grinder was going all day. I can't imagine having it right outside my house all day.

  4. Love the nautical fabric - that will be a fun quilt. Hoping the tree guys are done very soon!!

  5. The nautical quilt is going to be lovely. Aren’t DNP quilts fun to make!

  6. That is definitely going to be one cute little quilt. And the placemats will be too.
    Sorry about the grinder noise. Ours across the street finally finished.