Thursday, September 8, 2022

New Stuff


I've been spending a lot of time working on Rainbow Kitty at night. The blue sky is getting bigger and bigger. I'm starting to touch the border in some places, thank goodness.

I have one piece of the sky blue wool left and I am really hoping it's enough. I've bought it so many times from the same vendor that I'd be embarrassed to ask for more. 

I really want to get Mr. Kitty done because something new just showed up. I was on Amazon looking for quilting needles and they thought I might also be interested in this. Heck yeah-it's got sheep. Look at all those sheep. 

It's not a rug hooking kit, it's an itty bitty needle punching kit that uses embroidery floss. Of course I had to buy the needle that does the punching and it was NOT cheap. After reading the directions and watching a few videos I came to the conclusion I need a long stretch of quiet time to understand any of this. There's a lot to learn. But....that pattern, if enlarged and transferred to some monk's cloth would make a very nice woolly rug hooking project. That I could do. 


  1. So good to see Rainbow Kitty again - one of my favorites. I agree - the sheep would make a great rug.

  2. I've only tried a few needlepunch kits a long time ago--very satisfying to try something new, though! I thought it was a rug pattern in the first photo! That's a good idea, too.

  3. Rainbow Kitty is a happy project. I hope you have enough blue wool to finish.

  4. Rainbow Kitty! It's looking great and almost at the finish line. It will almost be disappointing when you finish it. I think you've been working on it as long as we've been blog friends. :-)
    The new pattern looks like lots of fun. I thought it was a rug too from the photo. That's a great idea.
    Blessings and hugs,