Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Real Croc


My new Crocs were a bit of a disappointment. As you can see, the one on the right is deformed. It bends in and rubs on my foot and was not comfortable. Crocs are not cheap so I called customer service and was put on hold for almost an hour until someone who barely spoke English answered and asked if I wanted a refund or a replacement. I said replacement and then they mumbled something and quickly hung up.

I wasn't sure if anything would come of that bizarre interaction until a very big package showed up on Sunday. In it were my replacement Crocs AND another pair in the Citrus colorway. There was no correspondence in the package explaining what was going on. There were also no instructions or mailing label to send the defective ones back. I was confused. 

There were ALSO 5 Jibbitz in the package which are those things that you stick in your Croc holes for decoration. They are not excatly cheap at $5 each. I'm not sure what's up with any of this and I'm certainly NOT going to get put on hold for another hour to find out. 

I sort my Crocs by seasonal colors so the unexpected ones will go in the spring and summer box and if I don't hear from Crocs wanting them back by then I am going to consider them mine. Until then I'm going to have a lot of fun with my beautiful Croc family. I love matching them up with my socks once it gets chilly. I also saw a lady wearing a pair of fuchsia ones over the weekend that I am now obsessively coveting. As soon as I recoup some of the money I've shelled out this week (story to follow) I just may treat myself.  


  1. That's a LOT of Crocs! LOL They must REALLY be comfortable.

  2. I think you win the prize for having the most Crocs. I don't own any!!

  3. When I find something I like, I order it in every color, too! They last forever! Good for you.

  4. I’ve never tried Crocs because they look like my feet would get too hot. I love the colors of your collection.

  5. Look at all of those crocs! I've never had a pair but now I'm thinking maybe I should. :-)