Saturday, September 3, 2022

All at Once


The last two days have been a whirlwind of activity. For weeks we couldn't get anything delivered and then it all came at once. First up was the new fridge on Thursday.

Ta's a very handsome fella but I can already see that fingerprints are going to drive me crazy. I'll be so glad when the stainless craze is over. I'm ready for some avocado green or harvest gold appliances like my mother had. 

I picked this one for it's huge freezer. Hopefully I won't be throwing tantrums anymore about having to take every gosh darn thing out to find the one thing I'm looking for. I've been known to throw it all on the floor and stomp away. Everything will have its own place now and it better stay that way or things could get ugly. 

Then yesterday we had the door guy show up.

In no time at all he had the new door and storm door installed. I have to say it was weird letting someone else do the work. The Mister and I are not used to that sort of thing. Happily the guy was very personable and was in and out like a flash. 

Our work is not done though. Now we have to paint it. We also have to finish the inside trim around it. Then we have to tile the foyer and sand and paint the stairs.

And.......the new door makes the old siding and shutters look pretty shabby. They at least need a good power washing. It never ends. 


  1. Soap and water...the fingerprints drive me crazy too. I tried the fancy stainless steel wipes...what a waste they are:(

  2. Yay! Things went right!!!! Dave is the same way when other people are working... he stands ther very awkwardly feeling like he should help, but not wanting to get in their way at the same time. It's funny to watch his internal struggle.

    I too, would LOVE an avocado fridge and stove!!! (and dishwasher if I could). No Harvest gold... my bathroom tub and toilet are harvest gold, and they will be the first things to go in the bathroom reno... (seriously... yellow bathroom... I like yellow, but not for a bathroom!)

  3. Love your new fridge but I do understand the fingerprint thing. Everything is stainless here and I'm constantly wiping them down. I use Mrs. Meyers Everything spray. It works great on my flat top stove too. We had everything harvest gold when we were first married and I loved them.
    Your new door is beautiful and you're approaching the finish line.
    We are seriously considering moving. AFTER all of our remodeling. Another shooting just a few blocks away yesterday. We only moved here to be close to Mom. We would move to the west part of town where it's safer and closer to Mandy and Mom. Either an apartment or much smaller place. As soon as her house is done, we'll start looking for us. It may be spring. Who knows?

  4. The new door is beautiful! You should enjoy the ease of having someone else install things more often! The new fridge is pretty fancy!

  5. Love the new door! I even like it's whiteness and would consider keeping it white. By the time you are all done, you'll have a brand new house!