Saturday, September 24, 2022

A False Start


So whatever happened to that warp I was putting on the Wolf Pup? This is what happened. 

I spent all that time getting everything lined up and pulled through the heddles and then was moving onto to pulling the strands through the reed when I discovered one thread that was missed. One. That's all it takes to have to pull it all out and start again. 

I was momentarily taken aback by the boo boo but the truth is that I like this part of the process and doing it all again-this time slowly and carefully, is not such a bad thing. 


  1. Oh boy! I think that would just stop me in my tracks. I'm fascinated by you weavers. I love how such works of art come from such a mangled mess in my eyes. :-)

  2. If I could've bought a pre-warped loom (lol) I would have! Great attitude and hope it went smoothly the second time around!

  3. Oh no! I think that boo-boo would have left me crying in the corner.