Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Getting the lettering centered correctly on the baby sampler took up most of my stitching time this week. I had to rip it all out and start again more than once when my brilliant math turned out to be not so brilliant. I still have the date to stitch on it but I needed a breather after all the drama. I'll tackle it this week. 

I did get the pumpkin finished on Raccoon Rable and two more small motifs stitched onto the fall patchwork sampler. 

I also got that serious framing job done. I really liked this kit. It was from a different company than the one I have used in the past. This one came from Frame It Easy.

Of course there was drama. The whole thing looked off but it's because my stitching was off on one side by a few rows. It didn't seem that obvious until I put the mat on it and you could see the stitching area was out of square.

I could rip it all out and restitch that side but I didn't. Years from now someone may notice it and say..."how quaint". The odd wonkiness makes it look very vintage so there's that. Hopefully no one will notice it was stitched in 2022 and not 1822.

AND....I need to thank Sandflies for another delivery of my favorite seasonal coffee. I had gotten up before 5 yesterday to watch THE funeral (funerals) yesterday and was running out of steam right when they arrived at Windsor for the second go round. It was just about then that The Mister came in from the mailbox with the pick me up I so badly needed. 
Thanks again!


  1. The raccoon in the pumpkin is adorable.


  2. The frame job looks great to me! That racoon piece is too darn cute.

  3. The stitching is perfect--and it looks great! Glad you enjoyed the coffee break!

  4. Perfection is overrated. Your framed piece looks great.

  5. Love that raccoon! And excellent framing job!!!

  6. Loved seeing your beautiful stitching projects! You are inspiring me to dig out some of my unfinished ones. Around here Pumpkin Spice tea is only available in the fall.