Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Wednesday WIPs


Something new showed up in the WIP parade. This is Garter Squish by Steven West. He promises it eats up a lot of yarn so wanting to get rid of those 3 giant bins of handspun I've accumulated, I thought it was the perfect pattern to reduce the stash. My goal is to use up a bin a year. I've got a head start on 2023. 

The boring old socks have found their way out of the knitting black hole and are all on the toes. 

The Fright Club mitt is past its naughty part and I've started the thumb gusset. 

Number 12 is a done deal. That means I am halfway through. Number 13 has been cast on. I hope that's not unlucky. I did have a devil of a time finding a color combo from my Palette stash that was close to the pattern. 

AND......if you want to hear about a completely miserable turn of neighbor asked if they could use our driveway so they could have some (actually a lot) of very big trees cut down in their backyard this week. Of course we said okay. They pulled that grinder right down under our windows which was bad enough BUT the night before our AC went on the blink again so along with all that noise we had to have the windows open. Hot and noisy-a great combo. This will be going on pretty much all week so.........ARGH. I can't even think straight enough to do anything but grouse. 


  1. I looked up that Garter Squish blanket! Holy cow! That WOULD eat up the yarn. Looking forward to seeing how yours plays out.


  2. Garter Squish looks like fun! What a great use for your hand spun. Have a good time with it!

  3. So much for being neighborly! Sorry. The knitting is at a great pace--good work!

  4. Garter Squish - I love it and its name! Have fun knitting your hand spun stash.

  5. You're moving along with all of your knitting. I'm going to check out that garter squish blanket. I sure love those tiny sweaters.
    Sorry about the tree noise. We had it in front of our house all day Saturday, also with the windows open. I definitely wouldn't want that noise all week.