Saturday, September 17, 2022

New Stuff


I said when fall came around this year I would buy myself a pair of orange Crocs and I did. I've got all the colors of the rainbow now but I think I still want a pair of gray ones. Maybe I'll get those in the winter.  Gray is a nice winter color. 

I took that photo down at the marina. We had been stuck in the house because of the tree people all week so as soon as they finished up we hit the road to get Pup out for a walk. She likes to get close to the water but it was full of jelly fish. I hadn't seen that in a while. We used to pick them up and toss them when we were kids. I can't imagine it now. addition to the Crocs I bought myself a little vintage looking radio. The dial even lights up yellow like the old radios did. It's also a bluetooth speaker which is why I bought it. Now I can listen to podcasts and audible books all over the house without dragging my big devices around. But.....the only thing I really want to listen to on it is Big Band music and old time radio shows which surprisingly enough, there are plenty of podcasts out there to choose from. 


  1. I can't imagine tossing jelly fish!!!! The crocs are wonderful! The new radio is just perfect!

  2. Didn't those jellyfish sting?

    Love the cross.


  3. Love the little radio! I have a small blue tooth speaker and it's great for when Im gardening. But it's not cute like yours.

  4. Fun to see your newest crocs! That radio is a keeper and reminds me of days gone by at home where I grew up.