Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday Felines


I spent all morning trying to get a photo of one of my actual felines but they wouldn't sit still so I went downstairs and snapped one of Rainbow Kitty instead. He doesn't look much different than the last time I showed him off but he does have another row of blue surrounding him. I am now on row 4 of the never-ending sky saga.

I don't get to work on him very much these days because I am still trying to catch up to the peloton. This is my last and final Tour project and there's a lot of plying to be done before Sunday. I can't believe how much was on those two little toilet paper roll bobbins that had been collecting the singles for all these years. I wound them all onto one real bobbin and couldn't believe my eyes. Yikes.

I started spinning this fiber in 2013 and just worked on it during the Tour since I had no real plans for it. 

Yesterday someone asked me what my favorite fiber to spin is and this is it. Polwarth-with no added ingredients. I can't get enough of it. 


  1. I always enjoy seeing that sweet kitty you're working on. Do you have plans for him when you're finished?
    Both of those fibers are beautiful. I do miss spinning.

  2. Rainbow Kitty is so FUN. Beautiful fibers.

  3. Agreed--it is one of the softest, sturdiest yarns ever and a joy to spin!!! Beautiful job on the plying marathon!

  4. Rainbow Kitty is just beautiful! He rates a photo for Feline Friday even if he is not real.

  5. At least you have not been in any major crashes preventing you from leaving the Tour early. Love your spinning. Can't wait for the Olympics. This might be the last one we know swimmers in it, so it is kind of special.

  6. I love rainbow kitty! He always cheers me up!

  7. I have to agree. That cat rug is amazing!!!!! I just love it. It is so cool. Hope the sky flies for you\