Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


I've got 40 Audun squares now but I haven't made a new one all week. 

Instead I've been trying to clean up some ancient WIPs like the cable project. It's a mess and a half at the moment. Nothing about the pattern was working for me so it's got one foot in the frog pond. 

I've also been trying to get the Tour projects off the needles by the end of the week but I am sure that's not happening. 

Sunday's plying disaster really set me back. I lost Tour time and Euro Cup time on that mess when I should have been working on these. 

I also seemed to have entered the black hole of sleeve knitting with Altheda. I swear this sleeve is not getting any longer. It's not like I need any of this stuff anytime in the near future. It's still blistering hot. I just wanted to start the Olympics with something new. might have wondered why I am not showing off my pile of cabinets that were supposed to show up yesterday. They didn't show. Now they tell us they will be here on the 27th. I just knew it.....sigh.


  1. All those squares just are so happy and cheerful!! And your knitting projects are gorgeous. The cables!!! I am so sorry about your cabinets. How discouraging!

  2. Oh, what a disappointment!!!!!! The projects are looking good-just plug a way and when you finish one-it will be time to unpack your cabinets!

  3. Oh man - I'm so sorry about the cabinets. Dave's mom is having a similar issue with a bathroom vanity. It was supposed to arrive two days after ordering. After a week and no arrival, she called. They said it would be here yesterday. Yesterday - the faucet arrived, but no vanity. Now that's supposed to be coming Friday. It's very frustrating for us, because as you know - we've got a lot on our plate - and Dave's the one who's installing her vanity. He has to keep re-arranging his plans.

    It makes me very glad that when we do get to the kitchen on the new house, that we will be keeping the existing cupboards - I'll just be sanding them and giving them a good paint job.

    I know I've said it before - but I adore those thrum mitts!!!

  4. I can't believe how many projects you have working and how beautiful they all are. Although that cable sweater makes me HOT just looking at it!
    I'm so sorry about the cabinets. They just said our sofa might be November now. Just a plain, off the floor sofa. No custom made for us. We ordered it in April!
    We finally got our internet and power back JUST now after the storm last Friday. It's amazing how dependent we are on this stuff.

  5. Beautiful projects. The cables are gorgeous! I rarely knit cables anymore, but I enjoy admiring yours. I think the thrummed mittens will be finished in short order.

  6. I have no words about the cabinets. Maybe I do, you have more patience than a saint.Maybe two saints.;)

  7. Aww no cabinets yet...darn...hope you get them soon.

  8. Love those thrummed mittens! What pattern is that? You crochet, too? Wow! Love all those projects; I am really good at making WIPs! It's finishing them that's challenging. ;>)

  9. Big, big bummer about the cabinets. I love all of your projects.