Monday, July 19, 2021

The End of the Road


The last of the Tour is a work day of a different kind.  After I get this year's family portrait with the Champs d'Elysee in the background it's time for a wash.

All of my skeins get a good soaking and then a spin in the dedicated salad spinner. 

After a good thwacking they get spread out on my drying racks in the sun. We had an unusually lovely day yesterday. Lots of sun and low humidity. Perfect for drying. I actually had the windows open for a while. 

In just a few hours they were pretty much dry. I'll hang them inside for another day or two and then wind them up and figure out what they will become. 

Up next in the handspun knitting basket will be last year's Tour finish. It's another Merino/Silk blend and for someone who hates silk blends I seem to spin an awful lot of them. 

And........I had a big surprise on Saturday when this beautiful bag showed up in the mail. It's made of re-purposed material and it's huge. It's perfect for all those big projects of which I have quite a few. Thanks Beth for sending it on. It's much appreciated!


  1. That bag is so great! What a thoughtful gift. The yarn is beautiful too. I like the way the fiber spun up with all of the colors showig show well.

  2. Beautiful fiber! Yesterday's weather was so nice!. That is one gorgeous bag!

  3. That a gorgeous tote!
    And so is that yarn - so many flecks of colour! Love it!

  4. Love that bag! It's been fun following your tour!

  5. Great family portrait, and a clever way to keep track of your spinning for each Tour. The yarn is beautiful.

  6. I love the look of the newly washed skeins!!! So glad the weather cooperated for the drying! Great bag for your larger projects!