Saturday, July 3, 2021

Soap Talk


At least the delay with the kitchen cabinets gave me more time to deal with all the soap I needed to mail. All of it is on the way so let me explain a few things.

I know you are used to my soap looking like this but if I can't dress myself up in the midst of my pandemic slump I can't dress my soap up either. I swear I haven't gotten out of my pj's since 2019. 

This is what it looks like now. It's just stuffed in a bag. It needs to come OUT of those glassine bags as soon as you get it. It needs to breath especially when it's hot.

The cold process method of making soap creates lots of natural glycerin and glycerin draws moisture from the air. It may feel a little sticky in all this heat and humidity especially on the tops which may have little dew drops appear. That's normal. Just throw it in the tub and it will work just fine. Keep your spare bar in a cool, dry place-if you can find one.  I know I can't right now. 

Even with the AC blasting I've got all my spare bars sitting in boxes as close to the dehumidifiers as possible or in closed cases with those little drying sachets. I don't know how the professional soap makers with huge inventories survive in the summer but I suppose most of them don't live a few blocks from a huge body of water. Chesapeake Bay, I love you. Just not so much in the summer. 


  1. My soap arrived in excellent condition, thank you! One goes right in the shower, the other is in the closet-out of its bag!

  2. Thank you for the instructions about the soap. I've used the lilac bar and love it! Thank you again Debbie.

  3. Haven't got out of your p.j.'s since 2019...heeeeeee.
    Oh look, soap!
    How beautiful.

  4. I have memories of bars of soap in lingerie drawers and airing cupboards.