Monday, July 26, 2021



The thrum mitts are done. It's always fun to weave in the loose ends. Just look at that insanity. 

You would never know so much was going on inside but there sure is.  Now they get tucked away until winter. Ah....winter. This actually hasn't been too terrible a summer except for the bugs. If I walk into one more spider web I swear.....

Up next in the thrum basket will be these red ones. They are what I originally wanted but I was too impatient to wait for the fiber to show up so I ordered the purple kit which I ended up loving. It will be a while until I get to these. At least until it cools off. I am all thrummed out at the moment.

What I hope to be casting on next is a pattern that Cindy sent me. I've been winding yarn and digging out scraps for it all weekend.

It's for the Tough and Toasty mitts she's been knitting lately. She sent me a pair of them last year and I love them for stashing in pockets or in my project bag on chilly days.

This may take awhile because I've been staying up all night watching the Olympics for several nights and right now I don't think I can count to 10 without making a mistake. I need a nap. A serious nap. 

And......I got some comments on my fried green tomatoes yesterday but I ate mine before I could show them off. These are Daughter's. She texted me a photo of the ones she made in her new air fryer last week which made me get one of my own. Mine looked just like this and they were GOOD. Double coated with flour and Panko.  I was skeptical but it worked. They were nice and crunchy on the outside and cooked to perfection inside. Next year I am going to have to put some of these big boys in a bucket on the deck and see if I can start growing my own. 


  1. I love those thrummed mittens, but I think I would go crazy making them. I'm going to look at the tough and toasty pattern - it's cute. I am seriously thinking of an air fryer and now that I know you can do fried green tomatoes, I think I'll jump on that band wagon. Fletch loves fried mushrooms too and I saw some recipes for those done in an air fryer.

  2. The mittens are beautiful and I can only imagine how WARM they will be when winter sets in for awhile! Congrats on the finish.

  3. Yeah fro Thrummed Mittens that are done...oh that red pair should be really nice!
    I am not so sure I would wear fingerless mittens up here...usually we need the real thing!
    Those fried green tomatoes look good!

  4. Everything Vera said. I adore those purple thrummed mitts but they look hard to do. And Dennis loves fried green tomatoes and I love fried mushrooms. I may have to look for one of those air fryers.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Oh, you will be making a bunch of these mitts for everyone you know after a bunch for yourself! It's a bit unusual construction the first time you do it but after that, you can make a pair in an evening! The green fried tomatoes look great!

  6. Good that your daughter tried them first and they were good. Makes it an easier decision to buy the air fryer if you know it works.

  7. I 1ove O1ympics and your mitts. Ready shorty mitts wou1d be used a ton by me.

  8. I love to fix zucchini and yellow summer squash the same way as the fried green tomatoes. Haven’t fixed them in years, but they are tasty. Great job on the mittens!

  9. Love the thrumms!!!! I think I might need a pair of those this year, apparently we get hard winters here.