Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


My latest flock is growing in size. I have some decisions to make now because I don't like the top of this pattern and I may just abbreviate it to speed things up. 

I am still slogging away on all that back stitch that needs to be done on the top half of the nautical sampler. This week I've worked on a bit more rope and the alphabet. I keep asking myself why I didn't do all the outlining when I first starting stitching this 30 years ago but I can't come up with an answer that makes any sense. 

While I was downstairs working on all that back stitching I noticed these little apple dollies on a shelf. I made these at least 30 years ago-maybe 40. They were in one of those cross stitching magazines that I used to subscribe to and I haven't thought of them in years. Aren't they sweet? I wish I still had the pattern. 


  1. You are making nice progress on that top sampler. Won't be long now. I have to say that outlining cross stitch may be my least favorite thing to do - I often skip it, though it really does add another dimension to a piece. Those little apple dollies are so cute!

  2. Cute Apple Dollies! I bet the pattern is out there someplace!

  3. The apple dollies have held up very well for their age! Very cute!

  4. I know why you probably didn't do all that backstitching. Patterns ALWAYS said to do the backstitching last. Being a rebel, I always did a section as I went along.

    I have NO idea why they say that. It doesn't make a hill of beans difference when you do it.

    Same with beading. "Bead at the end" they say. Well, not me! I'll probably end up in stitching jail some day, but oh well. So be it. LOL

  5. Outlining is tedious, but it makes the stitching come to life. Cute apple dollies!

  6. What sweet little dolls. I can't let Piper see them or she'll want me to maker her one. She thinks I can make anything! Ha!
    Love the sheep sampler. It's turning out so nice and cheerful.

  7. OH are those little apple of my eyes, darling!!
    Lots of work . I give all stitchers credit. I had a few cross stitch projects and then gave it up. Embroidery was even harder for me. KNITTING was where i found my home. But in the 70s s I tried lots of crafts.

  8. Back stitching is slow but worth the work! I love the sheep and dollies. I need to get back to stitching.....