Saturday, July 10, 2021

It's Not All Bad


We made it through Elsa. We had news crews at the beach waiting for the worst all day and it was a big nothing. A little rain, a little wind. In and out in minutes. I barely noticed. 

Yesterday's Tour was a joy to behold. You gotta love a comeback and this one beats all. 

I really can't complain about the state of the kitchen either. Cooking on the little bit of counter I have left has not been so bad. Everything is within arm's reach and I like it. 

I haven't missed having a dishwasher at all. I discovered I really like washing and drying dishes. I put on some swing music every night after dinner and just have a ball.

The plastic floor's not so bad either. It's easy to clean and I don't have to worry about scratches or water damage. The big black mat I bought for in front of the work area is kitty heaven. They love it. They spend all day scratching it and now leave the furniture alone. I am going to have to find a permanent place for it when this is all over. 

I also don't have to worry about Pup slopping her food and water all over the floor. She likes to toss it all over the place before she eats it. 

The thing I like the most about this whole remodel thing is having my bags of snacks piled up right in the living room. I don't even have to get up off the couch to graze. I am sure going to miss that. 

Right now it looks like the rest of the cabinets, including the 12 that were supposedly canceled, may be here on the 13th. I'm not holding my breath. We've heard that before. 


  1. You sure have been on a roller coaster ride with those cabinets.

    That snack area in the living room ......egads, that would be dangerous for me! LOL

  2. Hope they get delivered this week! You have one cabinet!! Glad the storm fizzled out!

  3. Oh boy! Plastic car mat, and the cats like it! I must pass that one on to fiends with scratchers. And how sweet you like doing the dishes. WE were married ten years before we got a dishwasher. WE used to say we had our best after party talks doing that mound of dishes.

  4. Well, we have to learn to roll with the rogue waves and you sure have done just that!

  5. I laughed about the snack bags being so close to you. I'd be 300 pounds if I kept them close to me. I am glad your weather was good in regards to the storm. Ours was too but God forbid you put on The Weather Channel, it sounded like death and destruction was on the way. Rule number 1 living in Florida, follow the local news when it comes to a storm, they tell you like it is and never panic.

  6. Lol! You're definitely making the best of it!