Sunday, July 25, 2021

An Annual Harvest


It's that time of year. The time where one of The Mister's old work friends goes on vacation and tells up to go pick whatever we want out of his garden while he is gone. It is a big garden.

The whole back row is nothing but sunflowers. It's quite spectacular. He said to pick all I wanted but the cats would just make mischief with them in the house and I don't want to draw birds or squirrels into my cat infested yard so I let them be. 

It was a pretty good haul. His beds are a weedy mess but the plants look so much healthier and happier than my poor things in their sad little buckets.

This is the second cherry tomato harvest from my plants. I did harvest three nice green peppers which became some sweet and sour tofu the other night. 

Everything got a good wash and a good chop. Since I've been on my own all weekend I made myself......

......a giant pot of ratatouille. The Mister is away with SIL to play in a golf tournament in Pennsylvania.

My favorite part of the big harvest are the green tomatoes.  I always get a couple.

Fried green tomatoes anyone? This air fryer just showed up from Amazon and I'm going to give it a try.  It's not summer without at least one plateful. 


  1. You'll have to let us know how the air fryer did on the tomatoes.

  2. Yes we need a report on the air fried tomatoes:)

  3. Enjoy your harvest and a bit of time to yourself.

  4. Just showed up from Amazon? hee ;)

  5. I was just thinking of ordering an aiar fryer last week!

  6. I agree about the review of the air fryer. We bought one last year that lasted for two uses and then died. Dennis love fried green tomatoes so it would be great to get a fryer that actually works.
    The garden bonanza looks wonderful, as does the ratatouille.

  7. Nice to see you get a good harvest from your friend's! My DH is bugging me to get an air fryer, too. Let us know what you think of it!

  8. Oh , when we watered at the goat farm, they to1d us to pick pick p1ease pick. We got strawberries and ate everyone . yum