Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


I was sure I was going to have another big finish on the Champs d'Elysee on Sunday but was not to be. 

I had one mitten done but when I tried it on it was too small. I needed another inch at the top so it was rip, rip, rip and taking out those thrums was not much fun. At least I got one thumb done before disaster struck. I hate knitting thumbs of any kind and thumbs with thrums is torture. Too darn fiddly. 

I am happy to say I am finally at the cuff on Altheda BUT it has a very long cuff which doesn't promise to be too much fun. I also got to start another reel of the unspun Lopi which is always scary. Unlike regular yarn it has to be treated with the utmost respect or it just falls apart. Don't we all.


  1. Thumbs with Thrums - LOL...beter you than me. I don't think I would have the patience for that sort of knitting. Your projects sure are pretty though.

  2. There is no way I could ever do that! I really like the look of the thrums though. I just don't understand how to do it.

  3. You will be glad you have knit the warmth of summer into the thrummed mitts-even the reknitting! lol

  4. Sorry about having to frog. Beautiful colors.
    The photo of Nora Batty on the right always makes me smile.

  5. Your hands will be warm and toasty in those mittens this winter!

  6. Your mittens are awesome. Agree with thumb! Pain in the arse. Do keep telling me of yarns that don't play nice and feel special. I have to steer clear. I'm much to trusting

  7. I think I'll have to make those mittens for my sister who lives in MN. Sure wish you were closer to tutor me! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    1. There are some very good videos on how to make and secure the thrums on YouTube. That is how I learned. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it but it does take a bit of practice at first. I still have thrum fails if I make them too thick or too short. Once they are in they are in for good. I've never had one fall out even when The Mister put them in the wash!

  8. Hope you get done thruming looks way interesting to me:) Yes we all do fall apart sometimes:)