Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday Fiber: Olympic Edition


My fiber adventure didn't stop with the Tour this year. We're trapped inside from the heat and humidity and planted in front of the TV watching Olympic coverage all day. Even The Mister isn't venturing out. They promise us relief starting today. It will be most welcome if it materializes. I'm going stir crazy.

I said during the Tour that my next spinning project would be something I dyed myself. I have a lot of bare fiber like this BFL from Miss Babs and I need to use it up. 

I got my color inspiration from the Olympic rings. I did my usual jar dyeing and then sat it in the hot sun for a few hours. 

It exhausted pretty well. The red is always a problem. I had some pink in the water but not much. 

I let it dry overnight and gave it another rinse in the morning and then a spin. In this humidity it takes a while to dry even in the hot sun.

I was happy to see the colors stayed nice and bright. 

I'll chain ply it to keep the colors together and then hopefully turn it into some Olympic themed stripey mitts. 

Da dum da dum dum dum...I just can't get that Olympic theme out of my head. 


  1. Very pretty - will make lovely mitts.

  2. I think your spin is amazing. we are so happy watching the games. I can't wait for cross country equestrian. This weekend!

  3. Great dye project--the yarn will be just right to remind you of the Olympics!

  4. Beautiful - I need to dye some yarn while the weather’s nice.

  5. I have been watching whenever I can. So sad the swimming will be over tonight. I think this is the last Olympics we will actually know swimmers there. So much fun to see all the competitions. Stay safe, I mask up everywhere, I never stopped.