Thursday, July 15, 2021

Running Out of Road


Four days left in the Tour and I decide to start something new-or should I say new-ish. 

I wound off my Turkish spindle and when I went to spin more of the BFL/Silk blend on it I just didn't have the love. The fiber is icky to work with and the spindle has seen better days. I have to use masking tape to hold it together. 

I've been spinning this fiber for several Tours now and I am really, really sick of it. I hate silk blends and since there's still so much more to spin I decided to just give it a sloppy finish on the wheel and call it a hybrid. 

I also finished up the last of this nice fiber that I've also been spinning for years and need to get it plied too.
Can I get it all done by Sunday? 
Nous verrons....


  1. I bet you can do it. You may not like working with that BFL/silk fiber, but it sure is beautiful spun up. It seems like the tour is taking a long time this year. Is it just me?
    And now Tokyo is reporting a huge increase in COVID cases just in time for the Olympics. What can go wrong?

  2. What blend or single fiber do you enjoy the most to work with?

  3. Heading to Nice then Paris for the end of the Tour. Don't care much for cycling but will be thinking of and cheering you on.

  4. It's pretty even if it's not fun to do. I bet you can finish!!

  5. It does look great if not the most fun spinning fiber; I would finish it up just to be done with it!!!