Thursday, July 22, 2021

Hot and Hazy


It's been hot but not blistering hot so now that the Tour is over we've been getting up early and getting Pup out for a walk before it gets too warm.

It's been kind of weird out and I was surprised to learn that the haze is from the wildfires out west. 

Visibility might be poor but we did see a school of Cownose Rays put on quite the show in the quiet early morning water. They are up here from Florida for their annual breeding event. When they poke a wing up out of the murky water they look like sharks and can scare the stuffing out of you. 

Seeing this swimming towards you can't be much fun either.  


  1. WOW! That does look a bit scary. Dennis says the sky is brown in Spokane. It's hazy here in Omaha too. It's just awful how much is burning up.

  2. They really are cool to watch in the water. Glad you got to see them.

    We had the hazy funk too. My eyes were so itchy and gritty feeling. Thankfully, rain has cleared the air here.

  3. Aren't they beautiful to watch in the water?! I petted some in the tidal pool at Discovery Cove and was so surprised to find they feel like a sea cucumber instead of a shark or dolphin which is what I expected!! Cool experience.

  4. Great photo of the ray. They would be fun to watch. Hazy here as well, but not as bad as it was last summer when the sky was orange from the thick smoke from two large fires not far from town.

  5. I'd 1ove to see that from a safe vantage point . I so enjoy seeing through my b1og buddies eyes. IT is hot hot hot here. We are p1annning an ear1y padd1e tomorrow. It is hard for me to get out of bed, but the 1ure of the padd1e just may ca11 me.