Saturday, July 24, 2021

You Just Gotta Laugh


I bet you know where this is going. If you guessed another kitchen delay you'd be right.  Now they say the cabinets won't be here until sometime in late August. The Mister bypassed Lowes and put in a call to the manufacturers who say they are not even shipping anything out to the stores until the 18th at the soonest and that's if they can get the wood and if Covid doesn't impact their workforce-again. 

What is really hilarious is that Daughter has had a whole entire house built in less time than it has taken us to get a kitchen remodeled. This is a photo she sent me in May and I'm sure it's much further along now than this. They are supposed to be moving in right about the time our cabinets might show up. Sigh...........


  1. I'm sorry Debbie. I can relate to delays, but at least I have a kitchen! We were told that our sofa that we ordered in April will now be delayed until February! If we have time tomorrow, we're going to a different furniture store and checking their stock. We have friends that looked at a sofa and loveseat there about 3 weeks ago and just a few days later they were delivered to their house! Maybe we could have the same result.

  2. All you can do is laugh..or cry and crying foes no good.
    We have an order that is delayed also.
    The manufacturing world is a mess.

  3. It is getting kind of ridiculous isn't it??? Sheesh.

    We would like to replace the faucets in the master bath as they don't work well. Do you think we can find TWO of the same ones ...........Nooooooooooooo! I did find them online, but they are very conveniently "out of stock" AND super pricey. I think I may have to lower my expectations. :::sigh::: LOL

  4. Oh, I don't know if I would be laughing at all! I'm sorry. You could've gone to carpenter's school and learned to make the cabinets yourself in this time you've waited! lol Sigh.

    1. I was sure there was a delay when I read the blog title. What a disappointment. The supply chains are totally disrupted and I wonder when/if they will recover. It has been weeks and weeks since I have had my favorite coffee drink because they cannot get hazelnut flavoring. There are products (Shout Foam, Purex Baby Detergent are two) that have not been available for months. I sure miss just stopping by a store and picking up what I want/need. Hope you get your cabinets sooner than expected!

    2. Yes ,yes. I agree DH.
      Are you and the mister ready for carpentry school?
      And I am about to cry for you!

  5. So, so sorry about the cabinets. What a mess everything is right now. By the way daughters house looks great.