Sunday, July 4, 2021

A Quiet Fourth


There is nothing going on here today. Once again everything's canceled which is fine by me. I'm no fan of sitting outside getting eaten by mosquitoes in order to watch some mediocre fireworks. There's no family gathering either. I'll be spending my day with the Tour. Here's the progress on the Ladybug for week one. I LOVE this humbug merino. I can't wait to turn it into something. 

The spindles haven't been getting much love. All heck always breaks loose every morning just when I want to sit and spin. It's like the critters plan it ahead of time and take turns being a nuisance.

For some reason I have three spindles going with the same fiber. All I have left is that little bit you see. I swear I have more but I can't find it. I'll keep searching. 

I am getting close to a wind off with the lovely garnet colored merino that I just started specifically for the Tour. 

I am happy to say this is the year I've made peace with spinning cotton. My fingers are finally getting the message that it is nothing like wool so it hasn't been the slog it's been in years past. I really want enough to do some weaving with when I can get the loom out again. 

My It's been so long since I've seen the poor thing. I hope I still remember how to weave. I can't unpack it until we finish the kitchen and you know how that's going...........sigh.


  1. That is some beautiful fiber on your wheel and I honestly can't believe the number of spindles you have going! I've always wanted to learn to drop spindle but don't know anyone who does it. I tried utube but for this I think I need in person tutoring.
    I'm laying in bed typing this and the fireworks going off all around me tonight, (the 3rd) is ridiculous. It's been like this for well over a week now. Huge cherry bombs and firecrackers popping everywhere. I hope it stops soon so I can go to sleep. Dennis is sleeping like a baby all through the racket!

  2. Quiet day here as well. It has been rainy so I am not sure I want to venture out at all. Stay safe and spin.

  3. I am always interested to see the color the yarn comes out when spun. Then the altogether different color the item you make with it is!

  4. I love the fiber you have on the wheel! The spindles are filled with very pretty yarn-to-be also!!! Hang in there with the loom--soon you will be weaving again!