Friday, July 2, 2021

Well Now....


Today was the day our new cabinets were supposed to be delivered. I thought it was the 9th but The Mister insisted it was the 2nd so we spent yesterday shifting all the boxes and clearing out the wreck of a kitchen even more.

We've been living out of boxes since the pandemic began and all those boxes had to be moved to make room for the truck load of cabinets.

I had to find a place for all the kitchen boxes in my wreck of a living room. This is the before picture. You can imagine the after. 

After all that work The Mister decided he better confirm the delivery and sure enough.......THEY AREN'T COMING UNTIL THE 12th. I was right about the 9th. He had read the email confirmation wrong. At least we got a heads up on the latest delay but the customer service person didn't sound too sure about them even coming on the 12th mumbling something about supply issues. Sigh.......


  1. Oh, no! You're sure prepared early though and can now relax and wait for them to arrive. I don't understand all of the supply issues on EVERYTHING out there. The sofa we ordered the end of April won't be here until at least mid-September but it could be October or November or...... *Sigh*
    Take care and take a rest too.

  2. Oh my! I think we are all getting pretty tired of the supply issue excuses. :::sigh:::

  3. I sure hope there are no more delays!

  4. Oh, it is so easy to be discouraged but you might as well laugh now-it will be quite the surprise when they come, right?! Oh, to the projects that never end....

  5. Yes, I hope you are laughing. Not much more you can do. If it hasn't driven you mad all this time, a few days more shouldn't break you. :)

  6. Well you are ready way ahead of time:)

  7. I am so sorry to hear about the delay, ugh! Waiting is so hard after so long.