Sunday, July 11, 2021

TdF: Week Two


I made quick work of the humbug merino. It's being plied. 

The drop spindles are all too heavy and getting a wind off tomorrow. The red one also got one last week. 

The support spindles are also in the process of getting wound off or have just been wound off. I'm not a fan of a heavy spindle. I'd rather splice than fight with them.

This is what the basket of wind offs looks like. It represents many Tours. When I get enough of the same fiber I wind the singles onto a bobbin and ply it. That won't be happening during this Tour-maybe next. 


  1. All of your spinning is amazing, those colors are gorgeous.

  2. Oh, you've a lot of pretty spindles at work! The fiber you are plying on the wheel is very pretty!

  3. This is one of the most interesting things to see. The colors of yarn that a roving makes!


  4. okay, that's it I barely knit with panache, so spinning just isn't in this girl's cards. You are so patient! Im still worked up about the crash due to a spectator the other day!