Monday, July 12, 2021

Quel Désastre


I thought I was going to have an easy ride into Paris next Sunday. The yarn gods thought otherwise. It seems my newly plied yarn was in fact not completely plied at all. Whole sections were all undone. No twist at all. I've never seen that before and I hope never to see it again.

After staring at in shock for a while I concluded that the only remedy was to unply it. That means weaving a bobbin in and out of the chain plied loops one at a stinking time.  Thank goodness I had some small weaving bobbins on hand to do the job. 

For those of you not familiar with spinning, chain plying means that you pull the single you are plying through a loop. It's like making a chain in crochet. You get a nice three ply yarn and the colors stay intact. It's a pain to do but worth it if you like to spin funky colored fiber.  It took all day and I mean all day to get it done. I worked at it all through the Tour and through the Euro Cup. 

I have managed to save about 2 ounces of it so far and have that back on the wheel. Now let's see if I can save the rest. 


  1. I'm rooting for you! If anyone can do it, you can - best of luck!!

  2. You've got this, I am confident!
    Sorry it happened though.

  3. Wow-what an undertaking!!! completely worth it but so much work! Looks like you have it under control now--it does look pretty on the wheel!

  4. Oh no! I hope you can save it all - it's so pretty!