Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


Woo hoo! Festive Doodle has a sleeve that's finally long enough. 

I've got one blue man sock done and its mate on the needles. 

When I am tired of spinning along with the Tour in the morning I make thrums. 

I've just passed the thumb on the second thrummed mitt.  

The handspun Thermal Mitt had its thumb put on a holder and is getting close to the finish. 

And since it is hot as blazes again my big plans today are to curl up on the couch and work on more Audun squares while watching the Euro Cup this afternoon. My investment in another box of mini skeins has already paid off. I've already got several pretty squares out of them.  I have no idea how many squares I need but I guess I will stop when I run out of yarn again and figure it out then. 


  1. The man socks sure are a pretty blue 💙!

  2. That sweater! It's a work of art Debbie. I'm in awe of your talent. All of the other projects look wonderful too.
    I understand staying inside. I got up extra early today to try to beat the heat and get some weeding done. Nope. I stuck my head outside and came right back in. It's 98% humidity out. Dennis says it's like living on Hell's front porch!! I have to agree. After living in Spokane for so long, this is awful. Needless to say, the weeding won't be done today either. Glad I have yarn to keep me busy.

  3. Wow- a sleeve sure makes a difference! So pretty! The socks and mittens are closing in toward the finish line! I had an urge to make mittens today--maybe it's the heat we can knit into them for the colder days!

  4. I just love those purple thrum mitts, but I don't know how you work on them in the heat!

  5. Your knitting is gorgeous! Love the colors of the thrummed mitten.

  6. Your projects and yarn are all so beautiful. I would smile just working with those colors. Thank you for the wonderful soap and card. I received the package yesterday and will be using the first bar of soap soon. In spite of what you said on your blog, it was packaged beautifully and the contents were a special treat. Thank you!

  7. I am amazed by that sweater you are knitting. I just don't know how you do such a complicated pattern. Well done!

  8. That sweater is a beauty!! Well all your projects are!