Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Socks, Socks, Socks...

Well, Maryland is officially on lockdown now. It was heralded by a scary emergency broadcast to tell us to keep our behinds in the house until further notice starting at 8 last night. It was pretty dramatic.

 I had to knit on to keep calm so I have yet another pair for the gift box although I may end up keeping these myself. I usually gift myself one of the pairs every year and I kind of like this colorway but for now they are going in.

The naughty man sock is back on track. It seems that everything is as it should be. Since I took this photo I am almost at the toe. It's been that bad. The emergency signal went off just as The Mister and I discovered our online grocery source is not delivering. Yikes. They can't keep up with the demand. It was a bad day. I was shook.

Then there is this. This is what happens when you watch too many podcasts to try and tune out the madness. I haven't done two at a time Magic Loop socks in ages but as soon as I saw someone working on a pair I had to cast some on. It's not as fiddly as I remember. After all of Soldotna's crazy colorwork tangles with three different balls of yarn going at the same time, this is piece of cake. That's Felici in the Dark Side colorway btw. It's a wild one.

And....the MDSW is cancelled. I knew it. I had no hopes. I went ahead and bought myself a ticket and a catalog anyway to add to my collection and to help with the costs the committee is trying recoup for this year. On the bright side maybe all this time at home will let me catch up with my stash....nah. My closet runneth over.


  1. Ooh, I like that colorway of your finished socks too. I would be keeping them. I've always wanted to do two at a time socks but have never been able to figure it out. Maybe I should use this time to try again?
    I got my Walmart grocery order today. It was super easy. I thought I was going to have to wait until April 7 but they had a cancellation and asked if I wanted it. Yep, I did. They loaded it in the car and even asked if I wanted them to sign for it. Yep. No touching anything for me. I was gone from home a total of 12 minutes start to finish! But then I had a disinfecting station set up in the garage and it took another half an hour to disinfect everything before I took it in the house. And I kept going inside to wash my hands about 4 times in the middle of it all! I'll be SO glad when things are normal again, IF they ever go back to normal. I'll never take it for granted.

    1. I tried to put in an order at our local grocer yesterday but there were no delivery times. I got up at 6 am and got an delivery time for Monday. I was over the moon with joy. This is getting scary.

  2. Gorgeous socks. What is that first yarn/colorway (the ones you may keep for yourself)? I talked with my friend in MD last night and she told me about the order. DE has closed its borders. Crazy times!

  3. It's Lana Grossa Meilenweit Chalet 5213. I found it on ebay. I found the blue colorway on Etsy.

  4. Excellent sock progress. Keep calm and knit on!

  5. Wow, the finished socks are amazing! I went shopping at Walmart this morning during senior hour (6 AM - the sun wasn’t even up, why on earth was I?) I found everything on my list and shouldn’t need to go out again to shop for one-two months.

  6. If I was making the decision to keep or gift those socks, they would definitely be keep. They are awesome. I am impressed with all the knitting and sewing you are juggling. NC issued the same order last Friday, effective yesterday at 5:00 p.m. It is all so frightening and I will never take a fully stocked grocery store for granted again.

  7. Your socks are great! Stay calm and knit on! Good you joined the rest of us Safe at Home:)