Monday, March 30, 2020

A Change of Pace

 I can't keep this up. I can't keep using up my precious food stuff making things I don't usually make just because I'm antsy. I used the last can of pineapple on this cake and a whole egg. Eggs are precious right now so it was a splurge and I felt guilty doing it.

If I want to make stuff I need to head out of the kitchen and get back into the soap room where I've got supplies galore just begging to be used up.

 I really needed the diversion. Yesterday morning I hit the wall with this whole thing. I needed to be up and moving and making soap keeps me busy for hours. I thought I'd start out simple and use up the rest of the goat's milk soap on something plain but......

 .....since the whole idea was to keep me busy I decided to get a bit fancy. It's pretty close to being a Plain Ole Goat soap because the colors are all natural clay. It only has a hint of Milk and Honey fragrance that I am pretty sure might not survive the curing process.

 The clean up was a bit of a challenge. I have to ration my paper products so I had to use lots of towels and wash rags to clean up my mess. It was an extra step but doable.

 After I put that soap to bed I started working on the soap I have left on the drying racks. I had stopped wrapping them when the Spring Giveaway was a no go. I'll finish this batch and hand them out to the folks that are helping us get through this. I gave the grocery delivery guy some on Friday-from a safe distance. I'll drop some off at the dump tomorrow when we unload our trash and pop some in the mailbox for the mail carrier.

 I had been waiting for my new bigger shrink wrap bands for these big bars. It's here but I hate it. Look at how wrinkly it is. Oh, does its job. Hopefully in six weeks when all the new soap I am planning on making this week is cured we'll all be back to normal and I can get back to sharing it with ya'll. I sure miss that.


  1. The minty green and pink look nice together.

  2. That cake looks delicious and the soap is very pretty. Fingers crossed that it cures as it is supposed to.
    I managed to get a grocery pick up time tomorrow at Walmart. Apparently someone canceled just as I went online because last night the soonest I could get was April 7. Of course much that I wanted to get is out of stock but I was able to get a few things. No meat. No eggs. No bread. Oh well. I do have flour and yeast if I get desperate for bread.
    Take care my friend. As my Mom used to say and I remind myself of the saying all the time, "This too shall pass."

  3. How nice to give your soap to those folks who are still working and getting us through all this. You sure manage to get a lot finished! We plan to do a grocery run tomorrow. so far, no real shortages here.

  4. Definitely a productive use of your time. I’m enjoying the soap you sent in one of your giveaways more than ever, so I know the bars you’re giving to those helping you now are being appreciated.

  5. I have to be careful when I'm sewing. My mind tends to wander places and lately those have not been good places. That's really unlike me, as I'm normally pretty upbeat. I guess forced isolation is starting to wear on me a bit too.

    I'm sure your soap is appreciated by those recipients. So many people take the frontline workers for granted.

  6. It's wonderful that you're able to share your soap with others in your neighborhood! As much as I love your giveaways I'm happy to see your goodies shared locally during this time. I share your "antsiness" but do find that keeping busy in different ways is needed. My poor husband is so used to being extremely busy outside the home is struggling.

  7. What a great idea to 'gift' soap to all of the people who are exposed still everyday! Beautiful new loaf of soap!

  8. Goats milk and honey and pretty as spring.
    Those wrinkley wrappers are gonna be very pretty on them as well.
    Maybe if you run a hot blow dryer over them they will do something different, if you want different.

  9. Your cake certainly looks delicious. Making soap is sort of like baking with all the mixing and color/scents added. Passing out soap to the people who are helping you is so thoughtful.

  10. What a nice way to thank people in your life! I must make muffins because I am cleaning cupboards and found a bag of bran cereal. I found a fellow down the road who has chickens and they are laying nicely so we should be good on eggs:)

  11. awwww. we need soap that s for sure!!