Thursday, March 19, 2020

Still At It

 Sister's wonderful BF brought his tractor over on Saturday and moved the log splitter for us.

 That giant backyard pile is shrinking.

Most of these are logs are the ones we cut last year so they are easy to split. They are buggy though. You should have seen the huge spider I found on one them. Thanks to him and his many friends my helper days will soon be coming to an end. I don't do bugs or poison ivy and all this unseasonably warm weather is waking them up early this year. Ugh.

Our plans were to work outside through usually chilly March and then head back to the mess that is my kitchen. Well, that's not happening. I don't have any of the stuff I need to finish the job so it's on hold. Now I just have to figure out what to do with The Mister when the wood is done. He's already driving me crazy.


  1. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to work on the kitchen. But that pile of wood is quite impressive. I wouldn't be out there once the bugs and poison ivy reappear either. I don't do either one. Hang in there Debbie.

  2. Replies
    1. I wish we had one! I need to send him somewhere.

  3. Glad to hear the yard work is progressing well. I don’t like bugs, especially spiders, so I understand your reluctance completely.

  4. Woodpile bugs totally freak me out! We would frequently find black widows and those giant wolf spiders in ours. Ugh.
    Hope you can find something for your husband to do. Bored spouses are worse than woodpile bugs. :)

  5. When I first started reading your post, I was thinking "it's nice to be outside accomplishing something on these pretty days". When you add spiders, that changes totally. Hope you come up with some good ideas to keep hubby busy.

  6. I am certain you will be glad to have the wood project behind you! Sometimes it is difficult to keep me busy and happy....I am sure you will come up with something!

  7. Oh dear. Those bugs and especially spiders, would have me running far, far away. I hope we can all find ways to keep ourselves occupied so we don't kill each other! Love your sock from your last post.