Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Pretty in Purple

 This is my favorite part of the soap making process. Dressing them up. I get so excited picking out the paper to wrap them in.

 I've got shelves of pretty paper. Messy shelves.

I use Avery now to print the labels. I got tired of doing all the stamping I used to do. It's still a pain but it's faster.

I'm doing something new this time. I am wearing gloves while I wrap. Since I am giving the spring soaps away I want to make sure no one has to worry about the transfer of anything not very nice. I looked up how long that virus can stay on objects and no one knows yet. It could be 2 days. It could be several months. That's not very reassuring. Just for the record, I'm not sick. I feel fine. I wouldn't be doing any of this if I wasn't. I was a first grade teacher for almost 30 years and I know how germs work.

I have to say wearing gloves is a challenge but if nurses can do it so can I.

Ta da. One down and.....only 71 more to go. Yikes. This may take a while.


  1. I honestly don't think people realize just how much effort and love you put into each bar of soap. This post just shows another aspect of it.
    We were told on the news out here that they "think" that virus lives on hard surfaces for at least 9 days. Just think how many people can touch an elevator button or door handle in nine days! No wonder it spreads so quickly. Scary times.
    Your soap is a much prettier and happier subject.

  2. What a labor of love--thank you. I'm glad you like doing it, that's for sure!

  3. Might take awhile, but it sure does look pretty.

  4. Think of how many germs all your soap will be washing away!

  5. The soap and your papers are just beautiful! You have such wonderful supplies to play with. I love to bake and share the results. With all the uncertainty about the virus, I will not be doing that now. It really makes you stop and think and question so many actions. It is an absolutely perfect spring day here. Bet you are out working on clearing your front yard.

  6. I bet they smell heavenly! The papers are beautiful. You are so sweet to go through all that. I don't know how you can do anything wearing gloves.

  7. Your packaging is outstanding, it’s such a joy to look at your soaps. I’ ve just received my winter ones. So pretty and so fragrant. And all the goodies.... I am lost for words. Best b-day present! Since i am developing allergies to skin products lately, yours are keeping me beautiful! Thank you! Liana