Thursday, March 12, 2020

Think Snow

 No. We don't have any snow but it sure looks like it.

 We've got so much sawdust that we are using the snow shovel to move it around.

 Trying to keep Pup out of it has been fun. I gave her a bath and a haircut on Sunday. Shorter hair helps.

The source of all this sawdust is the new chain on The Mister's chain saw. We went from splitting fools to sawing fools. That's the last of the giant tree that was in my front yard. The very tippy top may have to stay there until next year as it laying in a poison ivy field and I'm not going there. No, no, no.

The 70 degree weather has been wonderful in some ways but in other ways it's made our work harder. We have to dodge all the pretty things. I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday morning when this poor crocus bloomed. It was crushed to smithereens all week as it was in the log rolling path but it seemed none the worse for wear. Crazy.

 The front yard is a done deal so it's back to the side yard and the last two trees. Sister's BF is bringing his tractor over so we can haul the log splitter over there. We've got quite the pile of log rounds already.....

 .....and still this much tree to cut up. Yikes. It may look like a lot but we are closer to being finished than we were a month ago. It's been a full time job.

 The Mister may be in love with his new chain but I am loving my new big brimmed sun hat. Amazon. It's like wearing your own umbrella. I love it.

And for those of you not interested in wood how about some slow progress on the purple Mosi hat? And that wine....ever since the news got scary The Mister and I have been sharing a bottle at dinner. He's had a dry January and February but as things are.....every little tipple helps. Yowza people. What a time to be alive.


  1. Think snow? Hmmm. We're supposed to get 7-10 inches Friday and Saturday. It was 49 today and I just saw my first crocus a few days ago. Now the snow is returning along with the coldest day of the entire winter predicted for Saturday. Seriously?
    Lots of work getting done there and I love the new sunhat. That would be nice at the lake this year. If we get to go to the lake. Quarantine anyone? All gatherings over 250 are banned and under that number has to meet strict guidelines. Me? I'm staying home. I feel like I should be stocking up more but I don't know what to buy.
    Life is getting scary my friend.

  2. Those are some big trees! Maybe you should take up woodworking....

  3. Those trees are tall and massive! The splitter seems to have helped speed up the process. You’ll have your yard back soon. Stay safe.

  4. I guess you could throw the sawdust in some soap for abrasive. :)
    Like the hat , looks ideal for the job.
    Mosi is gorgeous and art in my opinion. I would have trouble wearing anything you made for fear of ruining it.
    Soap and washing are the keys. can be a millionaire.

  5. Love your hat - both your new sun hat (that looks fab) and the purple Mosi! That sure is a boat load of wood. I swear, Fletch just has to look at poison ivy and he gets it. Can you believe I've never had it? Not once. The other day my car was covered with pollen. Too early!!

  6. What a lot of wood! It has certainly been a time-consuming project. Wonderful that the front is mostly cleared. I would probably never venture into the poison oak area. Your new sun hat looks like the perfect outdoor hat.

  7. Lots of wood! Just a glass of wine would put up both to sleep:)

  8. Wow! What a lot of hard work you two have been doing. Love your new hat and the one in progress. It's scary here, too!

  9. So, do you heat with wood? Looks like you'll be supplied for quite awhile.

  10. We have a small wood stove in the basement that The Mister uses when he is down there. What we want to do is GIVE IT ALL AWAY! Lol...

  11. You can stack your wood in piles and sell them--it will go so fast you can't believe it!
    Nice work accomplished!! Those trees are huge! I love the resilience of the flowers...

  12. I like that wine too! Those trees are massive! I'm SO glad they didn't fall on your house when they came down. That's one tough crocus!
    Stay well and happy knitting!