Thursday, March 26, 2020


 I envy those of you quarantined with city water. We have a well and a fancy water softening system but it makes our water undrinkable because of the chemicals we have to put in it. This is all the drinking water we have managed to find so far and this amount is not anything out of the ordinary for us.

 Before all the stuff hit the fan I had bought this filtered pitcher. I've had and used many brands but this one is the best. We still can't drink our tap water even if it is filtered though. Filtering does not take out the salt content so this water comes from another source.

 We have one water line that does not run through the softener and that's the front spigot. I have to climb through the ivy every morning to get a gallon of it for filtering but it works for the critters and cooking.

 We just can't put it in our coffee pots or electric kettle because hard water ruins them. It's a good thing I rescued this little old pot from Dad's when we closed up the house. The Mister needs his coffee and he hates the French press.

I can't abide the spigot water  in any form so I am rationing little cups of tea made from the bottled water. Hopefully one day I can have a full cup again....or dare I say it-a full pot?


  1. I had completely forgotten about the water there. I remember Mandy buying gallons of water at a time to drink and cook with. When they first moved into their new house they had RED water coming from the faucets until they had a filtering system put on the house. They still had to buy their drinking water though.
    I take ours for granted. It tastes wonderful right out of the tap but be have a Berkey water system on our counter that we filter our drinking water through. We mainly use it at the lake in the summer because the well water there isn't as good. We bring it home and use it in the winter here.
    Enjoy your tea my friend. :-)

  2. Oh geeze, I hadn't realized that. Hope you can get some more.....

  3. All of those things we took for granted!
    Water of all things-is essential!
    We have to filter ours but we looked high and low to find one that didn't use salt! We still have too much iron cuz rust stains are a proof in our sink, tub and laundry! I'm glad you are clever enough to figure out a short range plan for yourselves!

  4. It's been a long time, but I grew up on well water.
    We had a well that was good enough for drinking, but we had to pay to have it filled. And money was tight, so drinking water was rationed. We also had a cistern, that was ground/rain water. We used it for baths/showers (but don't get it in your mouth), laundry, washing cars, dogs, watering gardens. City folk definitely take clean water on tap for granted!

  5. It has been many years since I have lived in the country and had well water. I truly appreciate city water because even when the power goes off, we still have water. I don't have to buy extra water when severe weather is predicted. I will never again take a fully stocked grocery store for granted.

  6. We have a well, the water is drinkable but we don't use it in the coffee maker because the lime deposits clog it up. So we buy water for coffee. We proabably should have a water softner but I have resisted it:)

  7. Enjoy that precious cup of tea.

  8. I hope you enjoyed your tea along with something just as tasty! Thanks for reminding me not to take our wonderful tap water for granted.