Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sew Done

 The Dresden is done. I spent two days running around trying to find some way of artfully showing it off but this is all I've got.

There is no place in the house to lay out something this big. The deck is wet and the world has been a muddy mess. This is the best my purple Crocs and I can do. Ta da.

 The back is simple. It's all from an old Connecting Threads 30's reproduction collection whose name I can't recall. I've been working on this for over 10 years. It was a Daddio collaboration and always got shoved to the back of the line. Once he made the Dresdens he was done and off to something else.

In other quilting news, I have one of the teeny tiny nine patches done. And yes, I know you have to be crazy to even think of doing this but it's a bit of brain candy in a world of bad news.

Then there is this. I saw this material on Wandering Cat's blog and thought it would make a nice apron so I ordered it and forgot about it. When it arrived I suited up and treated the package like it was filled with anthrax. Still afraid to touch it, I put the material in time out on my shelf. I never thought just to dump the it in the wash. It's fabric for crying out loud. Tomorrow it's going in.


  1. Oh Debbie! That Dresden is my absolute favorite of all the quilts I've seen. I don't know what it is about those little circles of beauty, but I love them very much.
    Your new fabric is SO fun.
    Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on the quilt finish. It's beautiful.

  3. The Dresden is beautiful.
    A work of art and full of love.

  4. That Dresden sure turned out fabulous. What a lot of work! I have taken apart an old quilt I made 25 years ago and now am trying to repair and put back together. I keep putting it off so your 10-year Dresden helps relieve my guilt! Maybe this afternoon, I will get busy again... we will see. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The Dresden is just awesome! So very pretty and cheerful. I hope you have a place to display or use it as it is much too pretty to be in a closet. That apron fabric is going to make a fabulous apron.

  6. The Dresden is lovely - what a heart-filled piece it must be!
    I have two packages in timeout also - I let the packages sit on the porch and then brought them in wearing gardening gloves which are also in timeout. I'm sure it's not really necessary but I am over 60 and have an autoimmune situation to I am being super cautious. Your blog, as usual, is one of my first stops each day and I am so so thankful for all that you share!

  7. Oh Daddio is smiling down on that quilt! It is absolutely stunning, and a wonderful keepsake of your time together.

    Can't wait to see the apron!

  8. Your Dresden is gorgeous! How nice that you have it finished and that both you and Daddio worked on it. I love the backing you chose as well. Your new fabric looks like fun!

  9. Hahahah. When I bought yarn yesterday , I came home and microwaved it. To get any possibility of germs off it.

  10. Wow, instant heirloom! This quilt is stunning!
    Have fun with the new apron sewing!