Monday, March 23, 2020

Pressed Petals

This has finally become.........

 ....this. It's Merino/Silk in the Pressed Petals colorway from Kim Dyes Yarn. I picked it up on that blistering hot day at the SVFF last fall. 

 I finished plying it yesterday and gave it a bath. No bleeding. Nice. It's a new to me dyer so you never know.

It's March and March always used to mean fleece washing for the Tour de Fleece but alas, the fleece shed is empty this year but it did make me happy to get out the drying racks on a beautiful March day for this pretty skein.

 Ta da......not bad if I say so myself. I am not very good at chain plying and I think this may be my best yet.

 Now I need to go find a pattern for this special lady. She's neck worthy, nice and soft, so a pretty little scarf she just may be.


  1. That is seriously some of the most gorgeous yarn I've ever seen. Some of my favorite colors. You did a great job plying it! You're a pro!

  2. That is like magic to me. I have no idea really about plying but it is a lovely yarn you have created! Interesting! Thanks for the photos.

  3. That is really lovely - the plying looks fantastic! It's so cool to see the magical change when it's well-done!

  4. Breath-taking! Great job on this one!

  5. What a beautiful skein! You did a fantastic job.

  6. Excellent job! So pretty and I can't wait to see what you knit it into.

  7. That yarn is beautiful! Love those colors and the yarn looks so soft.

  8. it is just so lovely Deb!!!! Beautiful gentle colors.