Monday, March 2, 2020

In Like a Lamb

Compared to Saturday, Sunday was downright balmy. After a morning of watching us hauling wood Pup got a walk down by the Bay in the sunshine.....

 ...and I got a sunny afternoon in the sewing room. The sashing is now all stippled on the Dresden. Now I have to figure out what to do with those center circles. At the moment I am just carefully topstitching them down. I'd love to get fancy with them but I just don't have the talent.

I also got close to finishing one more side of the rings quilt before my fingers wore out. Between my wood hauling aches and pains and my pricked fingers I'm a miserable mess-but I wouldn't have it any other way. Busy is best.


  1. You and The Mister must be in great physical shape with all of that log hauling. :-)
    Love those quilts and pup too. March came in like a lamb here too. I hope that doesn't bode bad weather for the end.

  2. Love your quilts! Glad that HUGE log is now manageable - but you and the Mister must be supermen/women!!!

  3. Agreed-busy tired is best!
    Nice work on the quilts!
    Pup looks happy--is the leg doing better?

    1. Yes it is but she still won't run like she used to. I think she knows she has limitations now which I guess is a good thing.

  4. No lamb here yesterday - the wind howled and the snow was falling sideways! Blue sky & calm this morning.

  5. March 1 was still cold here, but today (an apparently the rest of the week) is warm(ish) and rainy. My house is going to be a mudhole thanks to Relic.

  6. I can't imagine! I get stiff and sore just reading about all you and the Mister do. I can't wait for you to finish the rings quilt. I think it's absolutely gorgeous! I just love the colors in the rings. Beautiful!!

  7. Both of your quilts are going to be beautiful! Maybe you could hand quilt a design in the center of each dresden. You are certainly getting in your quota of yard work. Sure you are enjoying seeing the downed trees disappearing.

  8. Hard work has its payoffs and drawbacks - hope you're feeling some relief soon. Just know that your photos raised my spirits so much today!

  9. I agree ...........I get very antsy when I'm not busy.

    Pup is adorable in her sweater.