Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Nose Knows

 Six weeks ago when I made this soap I raved about how much I loved the fragrance.

It reminded me of these candies that I had for the first time down in New Orleans. I love the taste and the smell of it. I carried some around in my handbag for years just because it smelled so good.

 I only had a small sample bottle of it so I went back for more and it was.....OUT OF STOCK. Forever. I went to every online soap supply store I could think of and it was the same everywhere. OUT OF STOCK FOREVER.

 I didn't give up. I kept looking and I finally found it in a candle supply store that carried fragrances that can also be used in soap. They only had two small sample bottles left and I bought them. It seems it is a Lush knock off scent that is actually called Bathos. I did a nose test and I can't tell the difference between Bathos and Twisted Violet so I'm good to go for another couple of loaves when the time comes. 

 As my shelves empty of the soap I am wrapping I am getting itchy to make more. I also have these three new summer fragrances waiting in the wings.

 With that last order of fragrances I also bought several pans of glycerin soap. When it gets hot and sticky out this is the soap I reach for the most.

It was a surprise to see that the usually unscented pans of soap now come in scents. Of course I am going to try these two out. Beer and wine soap? Yes, please.


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a very fragrant spring.

    Don't you hate when something you love is discontinued?

  2. Tropical Vacation sounds alluring for a soap. :-) I'm glad you found the scent you wanted so badly.

  3. The soap in the first photo looks beautiful! Sure it smells as good as it looks. What fun to have new fragrances to experiment with and so nice that you finally located a replacement scent for the discontinued one. As I was reading about it being discontinued, I was thinking "yeah, the same thing that happens when you find a bra that you love.

  4. You are the best and most generous soap maker ever! Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you found the fragrance that you love; it's so frustrating when things you love get discontinued, isn't it?

  5. Dag gone it! It's 10:30 on a Sunday morning and all I can think about is Apple Honey Ice wine. It sounds delicious! I'd be afraid I'd end up eating the soap. :) Glad you found the scent you were looking for!

  6. Oh, what fun ahead with the new ideas for soap!
    I haven't looked at the glycerin soaps in a long time--time for a visit again!